Vocal Jazz / Blues

Gold “Nothing Better Than You” Tracy Newman
Silver “Bread Out of Stones” Tom Dews
Finalist “Fade Away” Rick Webster
Finalist “My Kind of Special” Emily Pakes
Finalist “Walkin’ In Love” Angela Parrish
HM “Disappear” Pharon Shiloh
HM “Here’s Looking At You” Don Micallef
HM “Tell Me More” Laura Baron, Pat Quinn
HM “Went Fishing & I Caught the Blues” Angelo M.
HM “You Can’t Unring Bells” Melanie Mitrano

What a way to start the new year!  On New Year’s Eve I received a phone call from The Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (MASC) and was told that my song, Nothing Better Than You was the winning song in the Vocal Jazz/Blues category!  Another two of my songs were finalists: Waffle Boy in the Folk/Acoustic category and Fire Up the Weed in the Open category.

The complete list of winning songs is available at www.saw.org

Proceeds from The Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (MASC) support the mission of the Songwriters’ Association of Washington, a non-profit organization established in 1979 to benefit both aspiring and professional songwriters.

photo of Tracy Newman

Tracy Newman