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That’s What Love Can Do

That’s What Love Can Do to Your Heart takes you through the changes, beginning to end, of your most intense romantic relationships. From the opening song, “Two Hearts,” which captures the excitement and sigh of relief when you think you’ve finally found the one, to the last song, “One Way Road,” which examines a solitary, more spiritual path. In between, each song expresses joy and warmth, or feelings of betrayal and loneliness – the oft traveled journey of a love affair.

Tracy is a perfectionist when it comes to execution. Her voice is simple, clear and lyric-centric. The one thing you will not hear in a Tracy Newman performance is a lyric sacrificed for the sake of vocal ‘tricks’ or self-serving nuance. That’s What Love Can Do To Your Heart is an easy 45:31 minutes spent with earphones or on a drive – guaranteed to bring a smile, a chuckle, and a sigh. It will be time well spent. – Art Podell, Folkworks

Reinforcements:  Gene Lippmann, Lorie Doswell, Rebecca Zoe Leigh, John Cartwright, Doug Knoll, John O’Kennedy, Paula Fong, Cary DeNigris and Annie Boxell
Guitars and Mandolin:  Pat McGrath
Acoustic Guitar:  Tracy Newman
Electric Guitar – Rhythm and Lead:  Jason Roller
Upright Bass:  Dave Francis, John Cartwright
Drums:  Brian Fullen, Doug Knoll
Piano:  Eric Schwartz
Dobro:  Russ Pahl, John O’Kennedy
Pedal Steel:  Robbie Turner
Mandolin and Fiddle:  Tim Crouch
Accordion:  Dennis Wage
Weissenborn:  John O’Kennedy
Background vocals:  Lorie Doswell, Gene Lippmann, Rebecca Zoe Leigh
Additional BG vocals:  Anna Montgomery, Eric Schwartz, Laraine Newman, Travis Allen Childress, Joan Enguita

Recorded at:  Phat Marv’s (Nashville)
Produced by:  Travis Allen Childress and Tracy Newman, except for “Alone” produced by Jason Roller
Mixed by:  Michael Frondelli
Mastered by:  Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering (Burbank, CA)

CD Design and Cover Photo by:  James F. Dean

Most songs written by Tracy Newman (Kabeauty Music, BMI)
Collaborations with Cori Bishop: Two Hearts, Lie Down, Darlin’, and Angel of a Man (Visibly Shaken Music, BMI / Kabeauty Music, BMI)
Collaboration with Richard Goldman: Last Time (Drag Bunt Music, BMI / Kabeauty Music, BMI)
Title Song: That’s What Love Can Do To Your Heart by Richard Goldman (Drag Bunt Music, BMI)
One Way Road by Bobby Kimmel (Innocence The Unexpected Music, ASCAP)

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I Just See You

I Just See You was released in 2012 by Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements and is is filled with thought-provoking lyrics and unforgettable melodies that are fresh, funny and poignant. You will laugh, you will cry, you will tap and clap along, and maybe even dance! The purity of the arrangements and production underscore beautifully the snapshots of life that Tracy so nimbly navigates throughout. The title track will make you cry for the beauty of what you didn’t realize you had, and the comedic edge of “Fire Up the Weed” will leave you wondering where all the hip people from the 70’s went!

“In her second, vintage-flavored, modern-folk album, I Just See You, award-winning singer-songwriter Tracy Newman reinforces what her first album suggested: She is one of the most talented story-song lyricists on the folk scene today.” – Jackie Morris, Folkworks

Reinforcements:  Gene Lippmann, Rebecca Leigh, John Cartwright, John O’Kennedy and Doug Knoll
Acoustic Guitars:  Pat McGrath, Shaun Cromwell, Jason Roller
Upright Bass:  Dave Francis, John Cartwright, Jeff Falkner
Drums:  Bryon Holley, Matt Betton, Doug Knoll
Pedal Steel:  Robbie Turner, Russ Pahl
Electric Guitars:  Fred Sokolow, RussPahl
Piano:  Dennis Wage
Fiddle:  Jason Roller
Dobro:  Russ Pahl, Robbie Turner
Banjo:  Russ Pahl
Sax:  Terry Landry
Background vocals:  Gene Lippmann, Lorie Doswell, Rebecca Leigh
Addtn’l BG vocals:  Bryon Holley, John Cartwright, Anna Montgomery, Laraine Newman, Eric Schwartz
Addtn’l vocals:  Shaun Cromwell

Produced by:  Tracy Newman and Travis Allen Childress, except “If It Were Up To Me,” produced by Fred Sokolow at Rick Cunha’s studio.
Engineered by:  Marv Treutel (Phatt Marv’s, Nashville)
Engineered by:  Travis Allen Childress (Los Angeles)
Addtn’l Engineers:  Edward Auslender, Rick Cunha
Mixed by:  Michael Frondelli (Chez Frandelli)
Mastered by:  Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering (Burbank, CA)

CD package design by:  James F. Dean
CD cover photos by:  Jeff Fasano
Addtn’l photos by:  Pam Vick, Jacki Sackheim

All songs written by Tracy Newman (Kabeauty Music, BMI); except “Already Missing You” written by Richard Goldman and Tracy Newman (Drag Bunt Music, BMI/Kabeauty Music, BMI) and “You Say You Miss Me” written by Charlotte Dean and Tracy Newman (Kabeauty Music, BMI). “I Would Fly” adapted from a 1976 version.

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