I just had my morning cup of java listening to “all coming back to me now”. There is something about this song that touches a cord in my heart…it’s the whole parenting experience of living through the teen years…and surviving!…for whatever reason as i listen, a flood of memories come of raising my son…a tear or two…perhaps hormonal!!.. or as you say…”it’s all coming back to me now”.
-Karen Sabo, a mom. July, 2009~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A pared-to-the-bone formal structure and spare lyrics combined with Tracy ‘s clear uncluttered vocals in her song, It’s All Coming Back To Me Now, reveal her absolute command of the elements of songwriting. Her minimal style, which removes the extraneous, reveals itself as that same strength of style that underpins her previous songs.

In the span of just the few clear notes of her reductive eleven second lead-in and the two lines of lyrics that follow, Tracy multitasks. She gets our attention and keeps it. She creates a sense of place, inserts the central conflict plaguing the storyteller, defines the feelings that conflict elicits, identifies the object of the conflict as a female, and shows us that the storyteller is not comfortable with her own mood which is inauthentic because it is divorced from the expression of the real emotions she openly confesses. Then before we realize it, she’s got our butt stuck to the front seat of her car and we’re along for the ride.

Carefully chosen visual images, human discomforts, and even a prejudiced attitude towards an innocent and unsuspecting security guard in this narrative song are constructed of everyday words arranged into reductive skeletal type sentences. Much is said using little, as in “She glares at me cuz I’m so not cool.

We feel welcomed by Tracy ‘s intimate revelations and the informal conversational tone of her voice that makes it easy for us to relate to her experiences and attitudes. Her story is ours.

And talk about getting good mileage out of few words. The song’s seven word title functions as it’s one-liner chorus which is recycled contextually three times during the song, with a different meaning attached each time it reappears. First, “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” refers to Tracy recalling the reasons she decided to have a child in the first place. Then, at the end of verse two, the line’s double meaning exposes the central conflict with a twist of irony providing the narrative climax. At the end of the song, Tracy repeats the line twice in succession where it now serves as the denouement that allows us to open her car door and return to our own life a better person having been invited along for her ride.
– Gillette West, Minneapolis 8/1/09


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