1997 Emmys ceremony from Tracy Newman on Vimeo.

My ex-TV writing partner, John Stark and I were staff writers on the ABC sitcom “Ellen” for 4 seasons. In 1996, we wrote what was called “The Puppy Episode,” aka Ellen’s ground-breaking coming-out episode. In 1997, along with Ellen herself, Dava Savel and Mark Driscoll, we won the writing Emmy for that show. This video is us at the ceremony. A very exciting night, as you can imagine.


“On Facebook” by Charlotte Dean & Tracy Newman


Tracy Newman on the Johnny Carson Show performing with Johnny’s magician character “El Mouldo” in 1974.



A SHORT FILM BY JAMES F. DEAN AND TRACY NEWMAN, STARRING THE SAME. This is a short film Jim and I made in 1982. I was pregnant, in my first trimester with Charlotte. The sound technique was very complicated at the time. I have no doubt that with today’s technology, this would be simpler, but the way we did this made for a very unusual style of acting.


I did a WNET kid’s TV series called “What’s New” in New York in 1965. Here are several songs from that series. The show was produced and directed by Joan Sheppard out of the Brooklyn College TV department.


This film, “Dave’s Party,” is already up on YouTube and at NBC.com. The director was Richard Goldstone. The writer was Robin Schiff, although much of the dialogue was improvised. The late, great Phil Hartmann voiced the character “Dave,” played by Colin Wells. Richard Goldstone voiced “Stan,” the boy who is trying to borrow money. Jonathan Stark voiced “Bob,” the love-sick boy. Here’s the description that goes with the video as posted by Richard Goldstone: A Richard Goldstone Saturday Night Live short featuring child actors and adult voices. All of the girls are voiced by Robin Schiff and yours truly, Tracy Newman. And one of the boys is voiced by James F. Dean. My daughter, Charlotte Dean is in the film, too. She was about 3 years old. We shot this at Wagon Wheel School, in LA. Charlotte’s school.


When we finished voicing this project, we all sat back quietly for a moment. Someone said “If I never do another thing in show business, I won’t mind. This was the most fun thing I’ve ever done.” (Or words to that effect.) We all felt the same way.