We’re back at Genghis Cohen on Fairfax just north of Melrose!  Saturday, Feb 22nd, 7PM.  We love playing Genghis but had to straighten out a few things that bothered us:  We didn’t like having five minutes to set up the band and no soundcheck, then playing 45 minutes, then having 5 minutes to get off stage for the next act.  So we stopped playing there.  We were recently contacted by the booker.  We talked it over.  So now — for this gig — we’ll be the first act of the night, giving us an hour to set up and do a proper sound check with the amazing Jorge. Then we go on at 7PM, play until 8PM, and then have about 20 minutes to remove our gear!  Yay!  Rock stars! I hope you’ll come see us.  It’s $10 at the door… no RSVP necessary.  The Chinese food is sensational at Genghis, so the best way to do this night is to make dinner reservations for about 8:15PM, have a drink or two during the show in the showroom, then saunter out to the restaurant for a truly great meal.  We’ll probably be out there eating, as well.  We can hang and talk and everything!  A great relaxed evening all around.  You can eat before the show, too, of course.  But either way, you must make dinner reservations.  323-653-0640.  Ample free parking.