This was a remarkably mellow night.  A full house and very quiet.  I had my whole band – Lorie, Gene, John Cartwright (bass), John O’Kennedy (dobro, mando, Weisenborn, and Doug Knoll (drums).  I did a new song, called “If It Were Up to Me,” which I wrote for my daughter, Charlotte.  It’s reminiscent of John Sebastian’s “What a Day for a Daydream,” in tone, but the content deals with all we might wish for our child.  It should be on my next CD.
We did about an hour, then turned over the stage to Women on the Move, aka Joan Enguita, Linda Geleris and Trish Lester.  Actually, I was originally part of WOM, too.  Two years ago, Joan Enguita produced a CD called “Beautiful.”  It has 14 female artists on it: Anna Montgomery, Teresa James, Karen Hart, Julie Gribble, Kelly Z, Harriet Schock, Andrea Ross Greene, Holly Jurgensen, Debbie Hennessey, and Evonne Rivera , me, Joan, Trish and Linda.  It’s quite lovely.  The theme of the project is uplifting songs highlighting the plight of abused women.  My song on there is “Diane Wants a Man,” about a woman who keeps getting plastic surgery in hopes of attracting a man, but is losing her essential self in the process.  I’m not sure that fits the theme exactly, but the song seems to work on there.  There are some great songs – my favorite right now is Joan Enguita singing a Garth Brooks song, “You Forgot That I Could Fly.”  And I love the title song, “Beautiful,” also sung by Joan and written by the wonderful Marty Martin.  Oh, and “Paper Thin,” sung by Julie Gribble and written by Garry Corman and David Smith.  Actually, I guess I love a lot of songs on there — Harriet Schock sings “Worn Around the Edges,” which she wrote with Arthur “Cry Me a River” Hamilton .  To listen to or buy the CD –
Anyway, WOM were wonderful on this night.  Trish started them out with “How Do We Go On,” then did her clever song, “It’s Just a Cookie.”  I loved hearing Joan sing “Take a Breath,” (written by Joshua Rush and also on the Beautiful CD.)  And I’ve never heard Linda Geleris sound so good!  I don’t know what it was… she’s always wonderful, but something about her voice this particular night was more compelling than usual.  I thoroughly enjoyed sharing a Talking Stick turkey sandwich with Lorie Doswell, and watching those ladies do their thang.  Respectfully submitted.  – Tracy Newman