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Suzanne Whang Opens Up about Her Journey with Breast Cancer
Popular TV Host and Comedian Suzanne Whang Breaks her Silence, Asks Fans and Friends for Help
Los Angeles, CA, April 1, 2011 – Suzanne Whang is probably best known as the host of HGTV’s #1 show House Hunters for ten years, and from her role as the outrageous and hilarious “Polly” the spa manager on NBC’s Las Vegas. She recently spent 6 weeks playing the funny and loathsome wedding planner Carol Cheng on General Hospital opposite her real-life best friend and former Las Vegas co-star Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo. Suzanne is also an award-winning stand-up comic, published author, keynote speaker, ordained minister, and political activist and yes, she was the first person to give Oprah a copy of The Secret.  Many fans also remember her as the co-host of ABC’s TV’s Censored Bloopers with Dick Clark, and as a roving reporter on FOX After Breakfast with Tom Bergeron. After careful consideration and encouragement from her loved ones, this extremely private woman has chosen to openly talk about her 5 year continuing journey with breast cancer. She is also learning a big lesson in humility and is asking her fans and friends for help on her path to recovery.
Suzanne was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. In typical Suzanne fashion, when she got the news, the first thing she said was, “Wow, this is going to be great stand-up comedy material someday.” After her lumpectomy, Suzanne named her tumor Igor and sent out a birth announcement to her closest friends. Choosing to approach this challenge holistically, she made major lifestyle changes for the health of her mind, body and spirit. Still, a year later, another tumor appeared. A second lumpectomy was performed in 2009. In February of this year, she was rushed to the hospital, underwent emergency back surgery, and learned that her cancer had metastasized. Her doctors also recommended preventative hip replacement surgery, which she completed three weeks ago.
Suzanne has approached this disease with a great deal of courage, optimism, and humor. She has spent countless hours reading about, researching, and participating in many treatments (Western, Eastern, alternative) throughout her five year ordeal, she has traveled the globe, and she has spent her life savings on her path back to health. She even used revolutionary new technology called ECM (extracellular matrix) powder to successfully regrow skin, tissue and blood vessels in her left breast after her last lumpectomy. Suzanne is currently undergoing concentrated radiation treatment targeting the most affected areas of her body, and is in the process of deciding her next steps.
In the last five years, Suzanne hasn’t let the cancer prevent her from continuing to act, write, host, speak at political rallies, volunteer for her favorite charities, give guest sermons, and perform her award-winning comedy. In fact, just two weeks after her back surgery, and less than two weeks before her hip replacement operation, you could find Suzanne co-hosting live commentary throughout the 2011 Oscar telecast on!
“I plan to create a website for people going through cancer where they can share their stories, resources and experiences, and create a community. Other possibilities include a web series, a documentary, a book, a one-woman show…  so that I can take what I’ve learned and experienced, and share it with the world.”
Suzanne has learned many spiritual lessons about surrender, acceptance, asking for help, and receiving the love and support she is so accustomed to giving. Now that she has spent her life savings on medical costs not covered by insurance, and cannot work while she is recuperating, she has thrown pride out the window and is humbling herself by asking her fans and friends for help. It is not common for a celebrity to do this, but Suzanne leads an unconventional life.
The first fundraiser for Suzanne will be on Thursday April 14th, 8-10 pm at The Talking Stick, 1411C Lincoln Blvd., Venice CA 90291. $50. Performers include Laraine Newman, Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements, and Eric Schwartz. For more details and to RSVP (required):
Check out to make donations, and for updates on Suzanne’s journey back to health.