This is the second episode of my new interview series, Artist’s Entrance.  My good friend, singer/songwriter/musician extraordinaire, Shaun Cromwell, will be joining me at The Talking Stick in Venice on Thursday, March 13th, 8PMto play some of his songs and give us the stories behind them.  I might even ask him to define some of the words he so casually uses, like culvert, camber and samp.  I know – I can look them up, but I want to see Shaun squirm. 

Here is what one audience member said to me after seeing Shaun play:  “When that guy (pointing at Shaun) started playing, something happened to my heart.”  If you want something to happen to your heart, or your “chest pump,” as Shaun calls it, don’t miss this night!

My wonderful band, the Reinforcements (Gene Lippmann, Paula Fong, John Cartwright and Doug Knoll,) will also be on hand.  I hope you’ll join us for an especially enlightening and fun evening. Tickets are $10.  Pay here, or at the door.  The Talking Stick has recently been remodeled, and features a new vegan menu along with a well-stocked soup/salad bar.  No alcohol.  Ample free parking.