That’s What Love Can Do To Your Heart

Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements


REVIEW by Richard Goldman
Source: Songwriter’s Square Newsletter by Bill Berry (February 1, 2018)

I had been eagerly looking forward to the new Tracy Newman CD That’s What Love Can Do To Your Heart mainly because I’m the author of the title song and co-writer of another tune on the CD. But here’s the thing… As a songwriting partner, friend, and veteran of many of her shows, I felt like I knew Tracy’s music pretty well. But listening to her newer tunes on this CD was a true epiphany! The arrangements are genius – simple – straight-forward – gorgeous sounding guitar picking, dobro & bass. “Now” rocked my T. Newman world – it’s as raw as I have ever heard her words get – the track opens simply and slowly expands until you realize you’re in the middle of a boffo Roy Orbison crescendo ending.

Tracy’s vocals throughout the CD are poignant, soulful, and confident. The chorus to “Alone” and the three-part vocals on “So Many Letters” (which may well be my new favorite of hers) are stunning. Shoutout to the Reinforcements! I’m honored to be a part of this – but, oh crap. I forgot to mention how much I loved the production (and the mandolin lick) on “Lie Down Darlin” – so Gram Parson’s “Brass Buttons.” My compliments to the Chef. If you love Tracy’s music, she is plateauing here as an artist.


Watch a live performance of the title song with Tracy and Richard Goldman
from Episode 1 of Artist’s Entrance.