stylized photo of Tracy Newman on CD album cover That's What Love Can Do to Your Heart

That’s What Love Can Do To Your Heart

Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements

by Richard Goldman



I had been eagerly looking forward to the new Tracy Newman CD “That’s What Love Can Do To Your Heart” mainly because I’m the author of the title song & co-writer on another tune on the CD. But here’s the thing; As a songwriting partner, friend, and veteran of many of her shows, I felt like I knew Tracy’s music pretty well – But listening to her newer tunes on this new cd was a true epiphany – the arrangements are genius – simple – straight-forward – gorgeous sounding guitar picking & dobro & bass – “Now” rocked my T. Newman world – it’s as raw as I have ever heard her words get – the track opens simply & slowly expands till you realize you’re in the middle of a boffo Roy Orbison crescendo ending. Tracy’s vocals throughout the cd are poignant, soulful, and confident. The chorus to “Alone” – The three-part vocals on “So Many Letters” (which may well be my new favorite of hers) are stunning – shoutout to the reinforcements – I’m honored to be a part of this – but, oh crap I forgot to mention how much I loved the production (and the mandolin lick) on “Lie Down Darlin” so Gram Parson’s “Brass Buttons” – My compliments to the Chef – If you love Tracy’s music, she is plateauing here as an artist.

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Source: Songwriter’s Square Newsletter by Bill Berry, February 1, 2018