I Can Swing Forever CD and Coloring Book

By: Tracy Newman

June 18, 2014

Tracy Newman and Friends

Kabeauty (KB0003)

(Pre-release track from CD!)

This preview track is called “Jumpa, Jumpa, Jumpa.”  I wrote it with my daughter, Charlotte Dean.  It’s song #5 on my new CD, “I Can Swing Forever.” The CD will be ready for purchase soon!  It has a coloring book with it, done by Charlotte.  (See sample page below.)  Please use the form in the sidebar (or click here if you don’t see the sidebar . . .  ) to give me your email address, and a short note telling me if you are interested in the whole package – CD and coloring book, or just the CD, or just the coloring book? Or maybe the CD with two coloring books!

Thanks and enjoy!


(Click lyrics page below to see larger view of lyrics.)

text and illustration of I Can Swing Forever Coloring Book - Pages 12-13 Lyrics and illustration of kids joyfully jumping for Jumpa, Jumpa, Jumpa by Tracy Newman

Photo of author/illustrator/artist Charlotte Dean and singer/songwriter Tracy Newman

Mother and daughter team of Charlotte Dean and Tracy Newman