Wednesday, Oct. 21 at WineStyles in South Pasadena:  Brad Colerick put this night together.  It’s called “Wine and Song Series.”  The place is wonderful… Kathy Bergstrom serves wonderful wines and beers, along with a variety of cheeses, crackers, fruit, hummus, tapenade, etc.  Big comfortable leather chairs, and those  tall round tables and tall chairs.  Brad set up a small but mighty sound system.  He runs a very relaxed show.  He’s so good himself, he doesn’t need anyone else, but I guess he likes the company.  He opened with three songs, including one called “Lines in the Dirt” which I particularly loved. (
Lorie and Gene and I were singing harmony from our seats.  He writes great choruses for that.  Damn, I just realized I forgot to ask for “Sweet Corn.”  I guess I was too concerned about what we were going to sing.  We came up next and did “Night Blooming Jasmine,” “I Can Be Bad,” and my carpool song, “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.”  There were a few people in the audience with teenage girls who seemed to relate.
The Reinforcements each sang alone: Lorie did “Dream Drivin’,” and Gene did “I Can’t Seem to Dial You In.”  Ed Tree showed up and did a song.  He’s a terrific producer, but I had never really seem him perform, so that was very cool.  He’s so good at everything. Then it was time for Rob Laufer, who I had never seen.  He’s a terrific writer and just really, really solid.  He did a song about how it doesn’t take long to cry… or it only takes a minute to cry.  I loved it.  Check him out:  (  I’m going to try and set up a show with him so my fans can see him.  This was a really good gig.