Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood,
Friday night, Oct 23, 2009 with John Wort Hannam
I love Kulak’s.  Paul Kulak has nurtured this little place into a singer/songwriter haven.  A jewel.  It seats about 40 people.  There’s a king size bed there, several couches, and all types of chairs and stools, some comfortable and some god-awful.  The walls are completely covered with pictures and album covers.  There are 5 or 6 video cameras, some gliding on rails.  The equipment is operated by volunteers, including sound.  Ken Holmes did ours last night, and it was perfect.  Shows are webcast all over the world and usually the quality is excellent.  The artists get to take home a DVD of the entire night, which is very cool.  Kulak’s is supported by donations.  Most people give about $10.  Each night brings in $300 to $400, which covers the rent.  There is no food, there’s coffee and a fridge in the back.  Last night’s show was totally full, with people standing.  I had my full band – Lorie, Gene, John Cartwright, Doug Knoll and John O’Kennedy.  We did the first hour and John Wort Hannam did the second.  We did about ten songs, I think. The audience was very enthusiastic.  I had a ball.  Lorie and Gene each did a solo.  Then John Wort Hannam graced the stage.  I loved every minute of his show.  He’s such a wonderful writer.  If you’ve never heard him, go to www.johnworthannam.com and listen to “Two Bit Suit,” “Infantry Man,” and “Sweet, Sweet Rose.”  You’ll be hooked.  His voice is so clear… he’s a true folksinger.  He’s Canadian.  I like that he was a junior high school teacher for five years, and quit to make a living as a songwriter.  Pretty brave, but I think he’s succeeding.  He sold a lot of CDs last night.  He’s playing tonight (Saturday, Oct 24) at Russ & Julie’s House Concert in Oak Park .  Oh, I forgot to mention, if you’re watching the webcast, you can email the players and your letter gets read during the show.  I love that Russ & Julie were watching last night and wrote to us!  The Kulak’s experience is always great.  I recommend it!